Simply put, I believe training should be based around performance/movement goals.
Whether it be running a marathon, climbing the stairs at your house, or lifting heavy things, your body was made to move.
In my opinion, weight loss and muscle growth should be by-products of improving your bodies performance aspects, such has strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility/mobility, and movement competency.

Training isn’t just to “lose weight or gain muscle at all costs”, we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, why not feel good at the same time?

I am currently working with people across many sports and occupations, such as powerlifting, cycling (of different varieties), running, kayaking, football, and adventure racing, all the way to office workers, stay at home Mums, and builders. All with different goals, but all improving the performance of their body.

Having competed in high level sport, then recovering from kidney failure and major surgery, I have recently experienced both ends of the movement/training spectrum.

I know what it takes to compete at the top end of sport which allows me to think about the athletes performance outside of the gym, (which I think lacks in todays fitness industry).
If you are training with me for improved sports performance, that is always my number 1 priority, not just improving your performance in the gym. I care about your performance on race/game day.

I know what it takes to start at the very bottom and have to learn to walk, run, and squat all over again. My approach to general training is thinking long term, maintaining health and wellness, and exponentially improving your performance. No eight week challenges or yo-yo diets.
There are no “pre requisites” to start training with me, my job is to help you start.