“I have been a client of Ryan for two years, and in that time I have found him extremely knowledgable in all facets of Personal Training. I have had various sporting injuries over that time and Ryan’s rehabilitation has been outstanding by setting personalised sessions to both rehabilitate and strengthen the areas of concern. I find that all of Ryan’s sessions are varied and very specific to my needs and he is excellent at adapting any session on the spot if I have any concerns about how a certain exercise might impact my injury.  Ryan has excellent technique advice and his communication skills are excellent when requesting how he would like certain exercises to be performed. In the two years I have been going to Ryan I have noticed an increase in fitness levels and the strength and conditioning sessions have hugely benefited the injuries I have had”

  • Jackie McCutcheon 

“Ryan’s training has been amazing, from supporting me in recovering from a head injury through to completing Coast to Coast. His creative and fun training style has adapted over time to suit my changing training goals. Ryan is never short of enthusiasm and ensures I always understand the ‘why’ behind every movement.”

  • Kirstin Harvey

“If you take sport seriously, there isn’t anyone more thorough or has a better understanding than Ryan. Every session with Ryan I got some form of progress out of, whether it was physically or mentally, he always pushes you to find the limit of what you can do, then go further”

  • Nik Borland

“I’ve been working with Ryan for a few years and I seriously rate his knowledge and adaptability to help me nail my training goals. He’s been great at working around a few injuries  I’ve had through thoughtful strength training and he’s always watching out to make sure I’m using the right technique to prevent any new ones. Being a bit time poor at times I’ve been amazed by the progress just one or two sessions a week has made to my fitness level and being a tad competitive in sport I’m really excited to now step it up a notch and see where we can go with it”

– Hayden Johnson

“There are far too many positives about Ryan’s training to put it simply. Ryan is your go to man if you are looking to gain some knowledge, and transform your health, body and confidence”

  • Josh Skryba

“Ryan has been a huge asset in my running journey. The sessions are personalised and he works hard to fit them around your schedule, but he also explains the importance of why the sessions are structured the way they are and the different aspects of training. This has been great and has changed the way I approach training. Above all he is a great guy that really knows how to get the best out you and push you towards your goals, whatever that may be.”

  • Michael Crombie

“I reached out to Ryan and asked if he could help me “run faster, jump higher and catch better” thinking he could probably help with the first two and just joking about the last one. But before long he would have combined all of these things into our sessions in a creative and fun way. I have been training with Ryan for 6 months now and I have noticed improvements in all three areas and generally feel stronger and more stable on the court and off it. I had never been a gym goer and Ryan took the time to explain how to do every exercise properly and built up slowly where we needed to, he also explains the WHY of everything we do and we often chat about the process and progress. When I first started with Ryan I was carrying an injury, he made sure I did what I needed to to recover and has since given me the training and tools to help prevent any more! I look forward to our sessions every week as a break from life’s stresses. We catch up, chat, and have a few laughs  as I also get fitter and stronger. I would highly recommend Ryan if you have a performance goal, want some character too , and don’t mind counting your own reps”

  • Matt Dunstan

“Ryan’s  knowledge , expertise, and  experience means that his programming is thorough, targeted and interesting.  He was always able to  judge the fine line between encouragement and high expectations  and adapting  programming to meet individual needs for each session. I highly recommend him”

  • Kate Atchison

“Since training with Ryan, I’ve realised how important it is to have a trainer, even though i’m already confident in the gym. My form’s improved hugely, and i’m working through breaking bad gym habits, and I’m especially grateful for the work Ryan has put into targeting my workouts towards my specific needs. As a cafe owner, I’m on my feet all the time and constantly hunched over a coffee machine. I’m improving my strength and stability so that long term, I don’t have to deal with back, knee and neck issues, as we’re working with exercises that strengthen the parts of my body that take on the most strain”

  • Caitlin Holloway

“Ryan has been an incredible resource for me in my health journey. His experience, knowledge and the fact that he cares personally for your well-being has made a massive difference in how I train and how I approach my journey mentally and physically. If you want someone that can give you the push you need whether gently or with a little bit more, he is definitely worth contacting to discuss your fitness requirements. He definitely knows what you are going through whatever those health challenges might be.”

  • Vanessa Leota

“I have been training with Ryan for a few years now in both group classes and person training sessions. I’m always learning from Ryan, he definitely knows his stuff. But he also cares and wants to see you get the best out of yourself! I came to Ryan with a vague idea of what I wanted, I’m a career Firefighter and I wanted to get stronger for my job, not just lifting weights I wanted ‘outside the box’ techniques. I got what I wanted and more. Every sessions was a challenge and a learning experience. I can’t recommend training with Ryan enough. Sessions are always fun, motivational, and he’s always up for a good yarn”

– Stephen Burn